Build products. Get paid.

Why Use Compensated

Services like Stripe, Gumroad, Paypal, Apple Pay and other payment processors go a long way towards creating powerful, useful APIs for handling financial transactions. However, implementing their APIs directly can make it expensive to switch or add vendors.

On the other hand, implementing a layer of indirection to mitigate that cost takes time and energy. Each provider uses different data structures with different design priorities and different event sequences.

Compensated provides that layer of indirection for you, so you can focus on creating value for your customers.

How Compensated Works

Compensated is a Ruby gem that you can include directly in your existing Ruby projects, or host as a thin adapter to normalize events as they stream in. Think of it like Nylas, Yodlee, Plaid, or Griddler; but for getting paid.

Compensated is currently in alpha, with a few production installations.

Get Compensated

Buy a License

Compensated is licensed under a traditional licensing model, where you buy it once and are able to use it forever. During the alpha, Compensated is $500, which grants you usage rights for all the 0.X and 1.X versions.

Buy a license by emailing us directly.


You can open an issue in our issue tracker, reach out for direct support, or schedule a o-e hour pair programming session with one of the maintainers. Paid support is $85 per hour while we are in Alpha.

Read the Source, Luke

All our source code is publicly available. But we are not Open Source. Paying for licenses allows us to maintain and update Compensated for everyone. Further, this allows us to refuse to grant a license to organizations who participate in the surveillance, incarceration, oil, or weapons industries; or otherwise violate human rights.