Video-based Online Collaboration Tools

By Zinc, a Worker Cooperative

Permanently Affordable Virtual Office Space

Host your colleagues, clients, and community in a private, secure virtual video office.

Small Office

Perfect for groups of two to eight, in as many rooms as you want!

What's included

  • An ~8 person Virtual Office

  • Unlimited Meeting Rooms

  • Community Support

  • Branded Subdomain

Virtual Office Space

Work, together

Convene creates human connection through safe, accessible and reliable video conferencing.

  • Unlimited Simultaneous Rooms

    Tired of being upcharged just because you want to have two conversations at once? Convene lets you have as many rooms as you want; with soft-caps on concurrent users based upon the size of your virtual office space.

  • Equitable Pricing and Ownership

    Zinc is 100% funded by our worker-owners and clients, having raised $0 in private equity or venture capital. This allows us to focus on you instead of chasing the next funding round or hitting growth targets to satisfy shareholders.

  • Insightful Facilitation

    Designed and built by professional facilitators, Convene gives facilitators and organizers the structures they need to collaborate closely even when we're far apart.

  • Privacy and Security Focused

    Your office space is your office space. Zinc never monitors usage or activity beyond what's necessary to keep your office secure and to keep the service up and running.

  • Branded Domains

    It's your Space. Bring your own domain for a consistent brand experience.

  • Web-First

    Anyone can enter a Public Space or Room through their Web address. No Downloads or Apps necessary.